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Utah Housing Loan

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Utah Housing is the #1 down payment assistance program in Utah. This program offers flexibility for buyers needing help with down payment and closing costs.

What is Utah Housing?

Utah Housing was established by the Utah Legislature in 1975 to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing for low and moderate income families of the state.

There are 4 loan options within Utah Housing:

  1. First Home Loan
  2. Home Again Loan
  3. Score Loan
  4. NoMI Loan (No Mortgage Insurance)

Utah Housing helps eligible borrowers who do not have enough money to pay for a down payment and closing costs when purchasing a home. The average amount a home buyer must save for a down payment and closing costs is between 5% – 6% of the home purchase amount. Utah Housing allows an applicant to borrow up to 6% of the home purchase amount, which can help cover the down payment and closing costs.

Please be aware the Score Loan and NoMI Loan offer 4% instead of 6% for the home buyer’s down payment or closing costs.

Why use Utah Housing?

Individuals and families who otherwise are unable to purchase a home because of insufficient funds for a down payment and closing costs may still become homeowners by using Utah Housing.

How can I qualify for Utah Housing?

The following are important things to know when applying for Utah Housing:

  • Your total gross household income must fall within the income limit restrictions. These limits vary by county so please call (801) 635-6547 or apply online to find out if you qualify.
  • Your credit history must indicate that you pay your bills on time. You must have at least a 620 credit score.
  • You must be able to qualify for government (FHA) or conventional financing. Get pre-approved today!
  • You must live in the home – can’t purchase as a rental.
  • Non-occupant co-signors are allowed (First Home Loan only).

Important: The Utah Housing Loan Programs do NOT provide rental assistance of any kind. If you need rental assistance, please contact your city or county housing authority.